Monday, 30 July 2012

U-KISS Fanfic-Someday...[Chapter 3]

Not long after his alarm went off, Kevin woke up and found Eli sleeping on the floor. Kevin rubbed his eyes, yawned and sat up on his bed with a hunched back.

'Must've rolled off the bed,' he groaned. Without having a second thought, Kevin got out from his bed and began trying to get Eli back on his bed by pulling his arm to drag the rest of his body onto the bed. Even with the strength Kevin has in the morning (which wasn't a lot); it was almost impossible to lift Eli off the ground. Suddenly Kiseop entered the room.

'Did I come in at the wrong time?' Kiseop asked suspiciously.

'N-no, I was just trying to…'

'Yes, you did.' Eli stated, interrupting Kevin's explanation. Kiseop just sighed and looked at Kevin.

'Hurry up and get up, both of you. We have a performance tonight, remember?' Kevin nodded as Kiseop exited the room. Eli sat up and looked at him.

'You can let go now, Kevin,' Eli laughed. Kevin let go of Eli's arm and looked away, blushing slightly. He could feel his heart racing again but this was different to when it was beating two days ago during the first Doradora performance. Kevin was about tell Eli something when Soohyun screamed.

'Hyung, what's the matter?' Hoon asked worriedly. Kevin couldn't hear what Soohyun was saying but he sounded quite angry.

'YA, YOU TWO!!' Soohyun yelled, suddenly standing by the room door. 'Didn't Kiseop tell you that we had a performance already?! If you haven't realised, we're leaving in 10 minutes so you better hurry!' Soohyun bared his teeth at Eli and Kevin and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

'Well someone's in a bad mood,' Eli said as he stood up and started to change out of his pyjamas.

Kevin started to blush again. Gotta get out before he starts changing his pants!

He looked through a pile of clothes on his bed and grabbed a pair of tattered skinny jeans and a red checkered shirt.

'I'm going to change in the bathroom because I…need to brush my teeth too.' he explained awkwardly. Eli stopped struggling to put his shirt on.

'Why? I mean, why the sudden thing to change in the bathroom? Wouldn't it be easier to change here? We're short of time, anyway.' Kevin just stood there, trying to think of an excuse.

After a bit of thinking time Kevin finally answered Eli by saying, 'I really need to go to the toilet now. I'll tell you later,' and ran off to the bathroom. Eli watched Kevin leave the room.

'Why was he acting so strange?' he said but just shrugged it off.

While Kevin was trying to put his shirt on and brush his teeth, someone walked into the bathroom. It was Kiseop.

'I shot I rocked the door.' Kevin mumbled with his toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. Kiseop chuckled and helped Kevin button up his shirt while Kevin continued to brush his teeth.

'I thought I told you not to talk and brush your teeth at the same time. You could choke on the toothpaste you know,' Kiseop joked, buttoning the top button on Kevin's shirt. Kevin suddenly stepped away from Kiseop and spat the minty mixture into the sink.

'Don't button up the top one, it always chokes me.' Kiseop scrunched his eyebrows.
'It doesn't choke you when you wear a suit!'

'That's different. This is for casual wear, not formal wear.' Kevin rebutted with a mocking tone. Kiseop smiled to himself and laughed half-heartedly.

'I guess that's why your picture in our new album has 'metrosexual' next to it,' he mumbled to himself. Kevin suddenly realised that Eli was standing at the bathroom door. Before he could say anything Eli walked off.

Why is Eli suddenly like this? He was fine last night…wasn't he?

All the thinking and talking made Kevin's stomach rumble quite loudly. Kiseop started to laugh but stopped after seeing Kevin glare at him funny. Kevin pouted, trying to look angry, and walked out of the bathroom to get some food from the fridge.

Not long after Kevin snacked on some Choco-pies he found lying around, the manager started telling everyone to get going. Eli was putting on a pair of black leather combat boots when Kiseop approached him. Even if Kevin couldn't hear what Kiseop was telling Eli, he had the urge to interrupt their somewhat tense conversation but thought again and decided to just stay out of it.

'Kevin hyung, stop day-dreaming and get in the van! The manager told me to stay out of the warm and heated van until you get your butt in there.' Dongho said, drooling over the thought of being in a warm place to be in rather than being in a freezing apartment.

'Why does the manager always pick on me?! Kiseop and Eli are…' Kevin's voice faltered.

'…in the car waiting for you!' Dongho said, finishing Kevin's sentence for him. Dongho dragged Kevin by the arm, threw him his shoes and made him run to the car that was waiting outside of the apartment building.

'Can't you just let me put my shoes on? I don't want to get frostbite on my feet!' Kevin complained as he reached the entrance of the building. It was snowing lightly outside, covering everything that wasn't sheltered with white, cold goodness; including the pathway to the car.

I refuse to walk in the snow with only socks on my feet, Kevin whinged in his mind.

His whole face scrunched up and his body shivered with just the thoughts of standing in the snow almost barefoot. Kevin could tell Dongho was getting impatient by the way he folded his arms and looked at Kevin.

'You know what, screw this.' Dongho mumbled to himself and started to push Kevin from behind with all his strength.

'Shin Dongho, are you crazy?! Don't you dare send me out there without any shoes on my feet!' Just before Kevin got shoved out of building, Eli got out of the van and started to pace his way to the apartment's entrance.

Dongho leaned close to Kevin's ear and whispered, 'you're lucky Prince Charming came to rescue you~', and laughed softly to himself.

Eli opened the doors and picked Kevin up immediately, cradling him in his arms. Kevin smiled gently as Eli made the trip back from the apartment block to the van.

'Thanks Eli,' Kevin said quietly, loud enough for Eli to just make out what he said. With a wide grin on his face, Eli replied, 'you owe me one, okay?'

In the van Kiseop, being the 'selca-king', was taking selcas with AJ, who was sitting behind him. Eli and Dongho were playing video games to past the time. Kevin and Hoon had both fallen asleep and were both in 'Neverland' while Soohyun listened to music and slowly dozed off.

'Ya, hyung, do you actually like Kevin hyung?' Dongho asked as if it was that terrible to like Kevin. Eli looked up at Dongho with stern eyes.

'If this is to distract me from the game just so you can beat me, then no.'

'It's not. I'm being serious. I mean, even the other members are starting to think the same thing too! Your crush for Kevin hyung is nearly as obvious as Kiseop hyung's crush for him, you know?' What Dongho just said caught Eli's full attention. He thought for a bit, wondering whether his feelings for Kevin were as obvious as Dongho said it was.

'Kevin wouldn't have figured it out yet, right?' he asked Dongho nervously. Dongho shook his head and sighed deeply.

'He doesn't even know Kiseop likes him so why worry?' was Dongho's advise. Eli nodded with reassurance. 'Let's keep playing. I need to beat you before we get to the studio!'

The car suddenly stopped and made a strange but loud noise, waking Kevin up from his slumber.

What the heck just happened? Kevin thought worriedly.

The sound of the failing restarts of the car engine brought panic to all the members. The manager roared with frustration and started banging his fists on the steering wheel angrily. Of all places, the van had to stop a kilometer away from the studio.

'You guys have to jog there. Soohyun, you know where the place is, right? Lead them there while I get someone to fix the car,' the manager instructed, upset. Without hesitation all the members got out of the van and started stretching while the manager gave more instructions to Soohyun.

'Okay everyone,' Soohyun began as he got out of the van, 'we need to just follow this road and head straight to get there. We're going to jog there so…'

'WE'RE GOING TO JOG THERE?!' Dongho argued. 'Hyung, if you haven't realised, we're a kilometer away from that place! It's going to take us maybe one and a half hours to jog there in this condition!'

Soohyun cursed, shutting Dongho up. He took a deep breath and started jogging alone. Dongho moaned and followed; so did everyone else.

Although it was snowing and was less than -3°, all seven of them made it to the studio without stopping. U-KISS burst through the entrance panting. Almost immediately, Dongho and AJ had passed out from exhaustion.

'Are you kidding me?!' Soohyun asked rhetorically and dropped on his knees, followed by everyone else. A tall, slender woman stood in front of Soohyun and looked down on him. Her eyes were heavy with eye make-up and her face as pale as a ghost's. The woman's clothes' colours were extremely clashing-a bright yellow, short dress and a black aviator's jacket.

'You guys are late; an hour to be exact,' she exclaimed, tapping her silver watch then eyeing every single member. After Hoon finally caught his breath he stood up and swallowed the saliva that was stuck in his throat.

'Jihye-noona cut us some slack! We ran a kilometer just to get here because our car broke down!' Everyone nodded in agreement. The slender woman known as Jihye sighed and rolled her eyes in dismay.

'Well hurry up and get on the chairs! We need to dry off all that sweat and snow off you too before we beautify you so we have a lot to do. Chop, chop~' she said with a cute wink that seemed to disgust Kiseop and Soohyun. 'Oh, and try to wake them up quickly.' Jihye added, pointing her slightly crooked finger with blood red manicure at Dongho and AJ.

There was only 45 minutes to go before their performance began when Jihye finally styled U-KISS' hair and applied the necessary make-up to their faces. Suddenly, a car horn sounded in front of the studio. Jihye stood at the transparent glass doors for a few seconds then turned to the boys who were sitting on the couch or on the floor.

'Your ride's here.' she chimed, giving Dongho, Kevin and Eli the shivers. 'Hurry up if you don't want to be late for the show!' Everyone got up reluctantly off the couch and floor but were shooed out by Jihye. As everyone rushed into the van, Kevin remembered something and turned around.

He smiled and bowed yelling out, 'thank you!' to Jihye who was still standing at the front doors of the studio. Although he Kevin couldn't see it because he had to get in the van, Jihye waved back.

'Let's hope that innocent child knows how to end that love triangle he's in.' she said as she walked back into the building to clean up.

'You guys start warming up your voices now. You might not have time to do it later.' the manager explained from the driver's seat.

Looks like it's time for me to put up a show again, Kevin thought, but this time I'll try to seduce the right person.