Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why K-POP Idols Are So Skinny

Ok, so the big question is HOW K-POP IDOLS STAY THIN?! I mean, when you look at the girls' flat stomachs, thin legs and almost perfect body structure, most of the time you would just look at yourself and go "I need to lose weight." Admit it, you've done it before or you still do it. It's only natural, I guess, to feel that way. You feel the need to have the 'perfect body' and you can't seem to accept the fact that you're 'fatter' than them.

After reading an article about the fixed daily calorie intake that SNSD had or still has, I was really shocked. Their dietitian or whatever said that SNSD's daily calorie intake was 1500 kcal. That's MY daily calorie intake. And I'm younger than Seohyun (who's 19). From their heights, you can sort of calculate the girls' average weight and to my surprise, their average weight was 47.4kg. It's just crazy. I WEIGH HEAVIER THAN THAT. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL SM? But that's just my opinion anyway. Back on topic, I think most girls are put on a strict diet and are to 'work out' or burn off excess fat not only to be fit for performing, but for the media too. If there was a girl with the slightest curves, I think the media will 'feed' from that juicy info :P Sure, their fans might love it but what's with the trend of being extremely skinny? I don't know. I'm not saying all of them are super-thin. I'm just saying that maybe their companies should put a little meat on those limbs of the idols. I know I'm being super judgmental but I just can't help it with this topic at hand.

Wouldn't you just love to have their body? 
Now for the guys. Oh how we love the fact all our male K-POP biases are thinner than us. I don't know how the guys are so skinny. Maybe it's more oestrogen in their bodies? O_o (maybe that's the reason why they act so feminine too XD...jokes) Okay, if you look at Taemin, strangely skinny limbs. And he has no muscles or abs. So that makes him look seriously feminine. Plus, I hate to say it, but my bias Kevin was too skinny at some stage. Now he's buff. >:D But both Taemin and Kevin could disguise as girls and wouldn't have their real genders discovered if they didn't tell anyone. I bet no one will know. NO ONE. Oh, and just a random fact, Teen Top is the lightest K-POP male group, having the average weight of 55.1kg.
Look at that slender body XD
Then BAM! BUFF >:D (Kevin's the guy in the middle)
So that's all I have to say about why K-POP idols are so skinny. They are pretty much put on a super-strict diet and are pushed to keep fit, especially since they have to sing and dance at the same time, and trust me, it's really hard. Hope you liked this post. Sorry for ranting on about random stuff and going off topic.