Sunday, 15 July 2012

U-KISS Fanfic-Someday...[Chapter 2]

Eli and Kiseop looked at each other then turned to Kevin. Neither of them could get a word to come out of their mouths. Kevin could feel his heart beat even faster. He wasn't sure what their answers were going to be, but Kevin had a feeling it was something he wasn't going to expect.

'Um...well, we...oh look! The rain stopped!  Let's start walking before it begins to rain again.' Kiseop said, immediately changing the subject. Kiseop and Eli stood up and started picking up their bags.

'W-wait! You haven't answered my question!' Kevin called out to them from the floor. Both Kiseop and Eli ignored Kevin. 'Fine. Ignore me, then.' Kevin mumbled as he stood up, getting ready to leave the building.

As they exited the building, thunder rumbled in the sky. Eli and Kiseop walked ahead of Kevin as they made their way home.

'Do you think we went too far, Kiseop? Look at Kevin! He's sulking because you didn't answer the question!' Eli whispered to Kiseop angrily.

'Me?! You didn't answer the question either so it's not my fault entirely!' Kiseop hissed quietly. 'Kevin's mine to take care of anyway. Like I said before, you don't need to worry about Kevin's welfare.' Kiseop explained, still whispering. 'Since I'm the older one, I have the responsibility...'

'If you're going to talk about age shouldn't the responsibility go to Soohyun hyung, then?' Eli rolled his eyes and scoffed. What Eli and Kiseop didn't know was that Kevin could hear everything they said.

So they're both fighting for my wellbeing, right? Kevin thought. Is that why they both stayed back? No, that's not it. There's something else but why can't I tell what it is?

Just as Kiseop, Eli and Kevin reached the playground, which was exactly a block away from their dorm; it started to pour with rain. Eli threw his bag at Kiseop telling him to catch it and looked at Kevin.

'Kevin, get on my back!' Eli called out to Kevin, his voice struggling to compete with the amount of noise the rain was making as it hit the ground. Kevin looked up in disbelief. 'HURRY UP!' Kevin nodded his head and jumped onto Eli's back, wrapping his arms around Eli's neck.

Kiseop looked at Kevin and called out to Eli, 'Why don't you let me...'

'Tell me later! We need to find shelter first!' Eli explained as he started sprinting to the nearest shop. Kiseop watched Eli run off with Kevin for a few seconds then realised he was getting soaked so he ran after Eli and Kevin.

As Kevin tried to dry his hair in a café that let them in even if they were soaking wet, Kiseop and Eli were ordering something to eat at the counter. For the past few minutes, Eli had been groaning every time he tried to bend back. Kiseop just chuckled.

'I tried to offer, but NO.' Kiseop said. Eli just shook his head and continued stretching. 'Just order a coffee for me. I'm going back to the table.'

'Wait…' Eli called out to Kiseop. All Kiseop did was ignore Eli.

'So, Kevin,' Kiseop began as he sat next to Kevin. 'Are you dry yet?' It took a while before Kevin could answer because his mind couldn't comprehend what happened outside the café.

Why did Eli give me a piggy-back when I was completely capable of running by myself?! Kevin scratched his head in frustration.

Kiseop looked at Kevin with eyes of concern. Kevin turned to Kiseop and just smiled. Suddenly Eli walked to the table with a tray with a cup of coffee, a bowl of noodles and hot chocolate.

'Here, your coffee.' Eli said, placing the cup of coffee in front of Kiseop hard enough for the coffee to spill a little over the edge of the cup. 'I got you hot chocolate if you want.' Eli passed Kevin a tall take-away cup with the smell of chocolate filling the air.

'How come you get noodles?' Kiseop complained.

'Well you didn't ask for anything but coffee so I didn't get you anything but coffee. You want some noodles Kevin?' To the surprise of Kevin, Eli offered him noodles. Normally, nothing comes between Eli and noodles, and this was the first time Eli offered someone noodles.

'No, it's okay. I'll stick with my hot chocolate. Oh, and I'll pay you back for the drink when we get back to the dorm.' Kevin said. Eli nodded and started devouring his noodles. 'Oh, the rain's dying down.'

After the rain stopped all three of them started walking back to their dorm again. Before they even came close to the dorm, they could hear Soohyun screaming out, 'Eli! Kiseop! Kevin!' Kevin looked at Kiseop then turned to Eli. Kiseop and Eli just shrugged and laughed.

'Ya! Why'd you guys take so long?! Our manager yelled at us and told us to go look for all of you!' Soohyun scolded after spotting the three of them.

'Hyung, it started pouring when we were on our way to the dorm so we stopped by a café until the rain stopped,' Kiseop explained.

'Best person to have around just to make up excuses when you have to explain yourself.' Eli whispered to Kevin, laughing at his own joke.

'Oh, fine! Just tell the manager what happened and we're off the hook. Anyway, let's go back to the dorm. The manager's probably waiting for your return.' Soohyun sighed.

Just as everyone started to walk, an idea hit Kevin.

Maybe the reason why they both stayed was because they both don't like the other members! That has to be the only possibility, right? Wait, but what if they think that I don't like the other members too?

When U-KISS returned to their dorm, the manager was found laying on the couch watching a replay of Music Bank.

'YA! What took you three so long to get here?! Just because you don't have anything else on your schedules doesn't mean you can just settle down,' the manager scolded. 'Anyway, since it's not raining anymore go get the groceries. We're running out on kimchi and eggs.' Everyone wasn't that keen on going shopping, especially Dongho and Soohyun.

'I-I'll go.' Kevin volunteered half-heartedly. 'I need to get a few things of my own anyway.' The manager looked at Kevin, shocked and amazed.

'Okay, but…Kiseop to go with you,' the manager said, making a hand gesture at Kiseop that obviously said "shoo". Kiseop nodded gently and smiled to himself.

'Oh, can you get Pocky for me? It's my snack time soon and it turns out that my Pocky finished,' Dongho laughed and placed his hand on Kevin shoulder. Kevin nodded slowly and tapped Kiseop on the arm.

'We're going now but can we have the keys to the van because it takes a least 45 minutes to walk there,' Kevin begged the manager. All the manager did was nod and threw Kevin the car keys that were in his pocket. 'We'll be back soon!' Kevin added. As Kevin sat at the driver's seat, he suddenly remembered something.

Damn it! I forgot I don't have a license! Kevin thought, hitting his forehead with the bottom of his palm.

'Calm down Kevin. Do you want me to drive instead?' Kiseop asked politely. Kevin nodded and swapped seats with Kiseop who was in the front passenger seat.

It was nearly 5pm by the time Kevin and Kiseop got to the supermarket. The supermarket was 'flooded' with people going in and out of the building. People of all ages were there; young children, teenagers, adults and old people.

'We should hurry up before we get noticed.' Kiseop instructed but it was already too late. Girls had already taken their cameras out and started to crowd around Kiseop and Kevin.

'We really need to hurry up!' Kevin yelled out to Kiseop, trying to be louder than the girls who screamed, 'OPPA! OPPA!' As they started to run into the supermarket Kiseop started sharing a plan.

'You get the kimchi and eggs and I'll look for Dongho's Pocky. Meet at counter 5 in 15 minutes, okay?' Kevin nodded in agreement and headed straight to where the kimchi was.

Kevin stood in front of the kimchi and scratched his head.

How much should I get?, he thought. Is a kilo of kimchi too much? But then again Eli, AJ and Hoon eat a lot everyday. Kevin sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. I'll just get 3 kilos of kimchi. It'll last us a while.

It seemed impossible to move around the supermarket. A large majority of the people had trolleys, and were making it impossible for Kevin could get to where the eggs were.

'I'll just push my way through,' he decided and started to squeeze and push his way through the crowd. At last, after 5 minutes of getting around people, Kevin finally got the eggs and headed for counter 5.

'What took you so long, Kevin?' Kiseop groaned when Kevin stood next to him. 'Don't worry. Let's just pay and get out before the fans get too rowdy.' It took at least 15 minutes to pay for their groceries and speed-walk to the van. Kiseop started the engine while Kevin put the shopping bags in one of the back seats.

'LET'S ROLL!' Kevin cheered, feeling relieved that he didn't have to squeeze his way through the supermarket again; well at least not in a while.

Feeling exhausted, Kiseop and Kevin stepped out of the van, got the groceries from the back seat and walked towards the front door of their dorm. Instantly, the door opened without a knock. It was Dongho that opened the door.

'Hyung, why are you late? Everyone's hungry, you know?' Dongho complained. Kiseop just reached into one of the plastic bags, pulled out a box of Pocky and threw it in the air for Dongho to catch as he entered the house. Kevin followed Kiseop into the house, sneezing multiple times before a chesty cough. Eli walked up to Kevin and put his hand on Kevin's back as he removed his shoes.

'Are you okay, Kevin?' Eli said with a worried tone. All Kevin did was nod and shuffled his way to the kitchen. 'Poor thing, he must be really tired if he can't even lift his own feet.' Eli said sympathetically.

After a late dinner Kevin waddled to his room. He wasn't really sure why but his energy was really drained.

I'm so tired I can't even close the door without using my bodyweight to close it, Kevin said in his head after he ended up slamming the door shut with his back.

Once Kevin lay down on his bed, Eli entered the room. He closed the door behind him and sat on the floor next to Kevin's bed.

'Why are you so tired?' Eli mumbled, following a snore that obviously came from Kevin. Eli stroked Kevin's head gently, making Kevin adjust his head so that he was facing the ceiling, and pushed a bit of Kevin's fringe away from his face. 'I wonder whether he knows,' Eli thought aloud. He looked at Kevin once more. The moonlight that was coming through the window shined on the right-half of Kevin's face. Eli stood up and pondered for a bit. He shrugged and bent down to kiss Kevin on the forehead. As he got up, Eli softly said, 'Goodnight Kevin' and went to bed.