Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Popular Korean Make-up styles

Something I used to wonder a lot is "what is the type of eye make-up Koreans use the most?". I mean, if you look at all those Korean idols (was about to type "eye-dol" :P derp.) they have a particular style for how they apply eye-liner or eye make-up in general. So here's what I think are the most popular eye make-up styles K-POP idols use:

My favourite one- Cat/winged eyeliner~ ^_~

Goo Hara in an eyeliner endorsement (heavy-light and extremely stretched out)

Son Gain in music video 'Abracadabra' by Brown Eyed Girls (heavy and double winged)
These two pictures have the eyeliner really stretched out, so it sorta makes the eyes look 'longer' (elongated) but you can make the wing shorter so it gives that cute look and to me, it makes the eye's look rounder.

Bae Suji (Suzy) from Miss A (short and 'light')
Tiffany Hwang from Girl's Generation (short and 'heavy')

So from the pictures above you see two (more like 4) different techniques/ways you can apply eyeliner to make it look winged.

Suggestions ^_^ :
-If you want a casual look, I think the "short and 'light'" is a good one, because it looks really simple and it gives you a 'cute-sy' (I made that up) look.

-If you want to define your eyes or rather, make it stand out, I suggest the "short and 'heavy'" or the "'heavy' and double winged". I mean, if you don't like the double wing or it's too daring, then just go with 'heavy' and short or stretched.'

-If you have small eyes (not to be mean if it insults any readers; don't mean to offend) and you want to make it look bigger, go 'heavy' and stretched out- stretched out slightly more than the "short look"- because for some reason, 'heavy' eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger. Not sure how that works though. If you want to have a look, check out more pictures of Brown Eyed Girls' Gain because she is pretty much never seen without really 'heavy' make-up since she tries to hide her small eyes. I'm not kidding but I want to point out something, even if some people think she has a "cake-face" (way too much make-up) I still believe she's one of the prettiest people I've seen ^O^ (so don't worry if you have small eyes~ you're beautiful just the way you are :))


 The next one is...
To be honest, I don't really have a name for it but I'll but the explanations after some pictures >:D

Not paying to his awful hat, U-KISS' Shin Dongho in 'Doradora'

Sunny from Girl's Generation in 'Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)'
Guessed it yet? Nope? Probably because I put a picture of Dongho (he is a guy, don't worry) as an example of the other eye make-up style. So let me tell you what it is~! It's a style that emphasises on the top eyelid more than the bottom eyelid. There's no name for it but I've always noticed this style used once or twice by many idols-both guys and girls (that's why Dongho's up there).

I mean, lots of people with single eyelids use it to define their eye a bit more, I guess. That's my theory. They don't only use eyeliner but they also use eyeshadow (and mascara/fake eyelashes if they're girls) to darken and bring out their eyes a lot more. If you look at Dongho, for example, his eyeliner is 'heavier' on his top eyelid. His bottom eyelid has hardly any eyeliner (either that or it's not visible from the angle the picture was taken from). Sunny, on the other hand, has not only a light winged eye but a bit of pink/beige coloured eyeshadow near the corners of her eyes to enhance the eyes just a bit more. If you look on the bottom eyelid, most of the make-up is where the bottom of the wing starts and on the inner third of her eyes. 


-Like I said above (unless you couldn't be bothered reading that much), many people with single eyelids use this simple trick to emphasize the top eyelid more. It's short and quick and sometimes, depending on what else you put on your eye (I mean make-up), it can really brighten up your eye. Of course, you don't have to have single eyelids to pull off this look. If you do have double eyelids, to be honest I think it would look better if you thicken the line-but not too much or else it might not match the type of eye shape/type you have. You can try with a thin line first then thicken it if you think it need to look darker. 

-This look is great for beginners (like me :P) who just started with make-up. I know I put mine on the bottom eyelid for a simple look but I really think this looks better, especially when you can add a bit of the winged eye if you fancy that look :)

-If you're a guy that enjoys putting make-up on or puts it on to try and look like an idol (I know you guys are out there, you can't hide from me), this is a really good style. If you're trying this "top eyelid emphasis", don't thicken the line too much or else it won't look natural. You can go for what most male idols have: "top eyelid emphasis" and a 'wing' that's not supre thick. If you don't know what I mean, you can search up Dongho's 'Man Man Ha Ni' look. It's dragged out so it's pretty much just a line. Some idols have their 'wings' not as noticable and it's more of a flick than a wing. Your choice :D

Tutorials for the cat/winged eye:

This one has no voice-over or whatever but the pictures give really good guides. There are two other styles other than the cat/winged eye you can try if you like~

This one actually looks really good! Never tried it before but seems good. 

TIPS FOR BOTH STYLES I LISTED: Use liquid eyeliner or if you have it, gel liner because it runs smoother on your eyelid and it doesn't get ruined like when you use a pencil liner (I've tried. EPIC FAIL)

Hoped you liked this one! Sorry if the post was a little long ^_^;  I took my time with this-finding pictures and writing all the stuff so let's hope you appreciate this!! XD 

Thanks for reading~ ^O^