Saturday, 7 July 2012

Happy Birthday, my friend :)

TODAY'S MY FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY! And I decided to draw her K-POP bias, who is EXO-M's Luhan :3 It took me FOREVER, like literally, to draw him since his eyes are unnaturally round. Well, to me anyway. At first, I tried doing a real-life portrait of him but that didn't turn out well, so I tried drawing from another picture. That didn't work too well either. The third time it looked fine...until I decided to colour it. WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING? Most of the time when I draw portraits I don't normally colour them because I'm really worried I might ruin but for some reason, I decided to colour this. I WAS A REALLY BIG IDIOT FOR DOING THAT. I ended up scrapping that. Then I drew a manga version but it took, like, 3 more tries to get the final picture.
Yes, my friend's name is Claudia. Nothing wrong with that.