Friday, 29 June 2012

Happy Birthday to Shin Dongho~

OK, FOR THE PAST FEW HOURS I HAVE BEEN GOING CRAZY BECAUSE IT'S U-KISS' MAKNAE, SHIN DONGHO'S BIRTHDAY~!!!! <3<3<3 생일축하합니다우리의동호! I just feel so happy that it's his birthday, knowing that he's one year older :') (19 in Korean years, I think.) It's amazing that he was I think 15 when he first started in U-KISS. How the years go by... XD He should feel really happy since Dongho's accomplished so much since he first started rapping. He's even gotten many main roles in dramas, including my all time favourite Holy Land ;D

Once again, happy birthday to Dongho and hope he has a great day!