Tuesday, 19 June 2012

TOO MUCH TO DO (blame the teachers, of course)

Okay, let me get the whole thing settled. I have WAY too much homework. I have this maths sheet due every Friday, I have a society and environment (SOSE/ S&E) in-class essay this Friday-only having a few more days to get some notes down for Joan of Arc and only getting an hour to write it =_=  and I have this English essay on the film "The Incredibles". On top of that I have a drama performance next Tuesday!! HOW CAN I COPE WITH ALL THESE THINGS, PEOPLE?!!! It's so crazy! How do teachers expect so much from their students? I think it's all just a bunch of crap.

I mean, students have a social life too, you know? It's so stupid. I know I'm sounding really selfish at the moment but I can't help but have a rage-quit! SO FRUSTRATED I WANNA HIT SOMEONE. I just wish we didn't have that many assignments and essays in particular because I find it so hard to write essays. :P

If any of you have advice or anything about this, can I have some help? If you're having the same experience or something similar, we can have an anger-fit together ^_^ XD