Sunday, 17 June 2012

Secret to K-POP Idols' Clear Skin?

Okay, so I want to discuss something here. HOW DO KOREAN CELEBRITIES KEEP THEIR FACE SO CLEAR?!!! If you look at a lot of the girls in the K-POP industry, many of them have perfect, flawless skin with a good skin tone! It amazes me!

SNSD's Yoona, Taeyeon and Sooyoung with and without make-up
Lee Hyori's selca without make-up, showing flawless skin
Most people thinks it's just the BB cream that conceals it all but I think it's a LOT to do with genetics and the lifestyles and weather. When I was in Hong Kong, who's climate is quite similar to South Korea (apart from all the pollution in HK), just recently, my skin improved heaps. There were less pimples and breakouts and you could see improvement; but when I went back to Australia, it all came back D: My face just went bleh again! So I do think it has something to do with the weather.

It could also be mainly genetics but I suppose being an idol, you have to stay healthy. They probably eat and drink less unhealthy/junk foods and more of the healthy stuff like water and kimchi XD They also need to keep their fitness level up to be able to sing and dance (and let's admit, most of us have tried to sing and dance and have ended up failing...or is that just me?). If they do eat junk foods, they probably burn it all off before it turns to <---so excercise+healthy eating= healthy body and skin. 

For those people who do believe it's BB cream and think BB cream is all there is to it to extremely clear skin, don't think that's the only solution. Sure, BB cream helps a little but like most concealers, a lot of the BB creams contain a fair bit of oil (and some of them actually feel gluggy on your face<- from experience). I think a lot of the girls (and guys) go through that long procedure of washing their face. I'm not sure whether they use proper face wash or soap but from what I've seen in variety shows, it's really does take a while! I read this forum on something like this blog entry and it had a comment (or whatever you call it- not sure what it's called when it comes to forums) saying, and this was from a Korean girl, that she was taught how to wash her face when she was quite young (I'm pretty sure it was 10...). So, from learning how to wash their face properly when they were younger they probably took care of their skin better than most 10 year olds.

Just another thing to point out, pretty much all the idols use facial masks! It's not that time-consuming but it is quite boring to do it by yourself since you can't really do anything rather than do something where you have to keep your entire face still for the next 15 minutes or so, which doesn't give you many options. Apparently face masks help to remove any toxins on your face but you can't use it too often, just like pore strips if you've ever used one. Suzy from Miss A appeared on this variety show or something, saying that her secret to clear skin are face masks so I guess that's one secret revealed ;)

There are many solutions to having clear skin, I suppose, but it depends greatly on the type of skin you have- e.g. oily skin. If you have any tips on having clear skin or knows someone who has a secret  feel free to share it :) I'm sure many girls like myself are dying to know!