Monday, 18 June 2012

Artsy Fartsy :D

Okay, I forgot to mention this but I REALLY REALLY REALLY love art :) I love to draw, paint (even though I can't paint) and do anything artsy, really. Quite recently, I started to mesh my love for art and my love for K-POP, drawing my favourite K-POP idols in either portrait form or manga (Japanese comic) form.

At the moment, I'm having this craze. A few days ago I painted a portrait (digitally) of U-KISS' Dongho...then I realised it's his birthday soon. Hence the plan of posting the painting on Facebook on his birthday :D So then it struck me. Why not draw pictures of my K-POP biases as a birthday present (even if they're not going to see it)?
At the moment, I'm drawing Taemin from SHINee since his birthday is in Then I'm going to draw Alexander, ex U-KISS member, 'cause his birthday is at the end of July <3 But I still have time so it can wait. XD I'M A PROCRASTINATOR. DON'T JUDGE ME. Anyway, I can't wait 'till November because that's when Kevin (U-KISS) and Ren (NU'EST) have their birthdays!! <--both of them being my biases :D I'm impatient so let's hope that November will come sooner XD

So yeah, that's it from this post. If you have any requests for me to draw someone feel free to ask (don't get your hopes too high because I might not do it due to an illness called 'laziness'). If any of you readers have deviantart please "watch" me! Would mean a lot if you did :3

Deviantart name: ukissmecrazy