Monday, 18 June 2012

Male K-POP Idols and Their Feminine Side

This is gonna be a short one ^_^

Many people, especially from western countries, are probably wondering why are the guys in the K-POP industry so damn feminine?! I know MY family thinks that too! I mean, sure they cross-dress and wear make-up like eyeliner, but a lot of girls seem to find it attractive <- I do as well. Some of them have only small amounts of eyeliner but some have so much it makes them seem almost woman-like. I have to admit that a few of them over-do it but I have to also admit that most of them look extremely good with make-up.

As for the cross-dressing...can't say for sure but it's a possibility that it has a lot to do with entertainment for the public, fans in particular. Kevin from U-KISS for example. On a variety show, he dressed as Jessica from SNSD. Everyone was shocked but after that, lots of people ended up saying that he looked good...probably because he has very feminine features (which isn't such a good thing since he's a guy but let's not go into that). I have to add something to that, for all of you who haven't seen it, take a look. For those who have seen it, tell me what you think about Kevin's cross-dressing image-or any K-POP idol's cross-dressing image. I'm really interested to see what people think! XD

One last note, those with pretty faces most likely did NOT have plastic surgery!!! I know their noses don't look all that Asian but some Koreans and Japanese have sharp noses...which makes me very jealous. So that's all I have to say on this. For now. XD