Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Not all K-POP idols are skinny...right?

I thought I should make a short post answering this question that many girls (and probably guys) ask.

So straight answer, at the moment, I'm not entirely sure (so much for a straight answer =_=)  but in the past, Yoobin from the Wonder Girls was called "fat" by many people.

Yoobin from Wonder Girls before 'Nobody' single
Okay, you might not see the fat on her but to many Koreans saw her as pretty fat. You're probably saying: "This isn't even close to fat" or "They call this fat?" and I know, I was also looking at this picture and going, what the heck are those people saying?

I mean, to me, this is a role model or someone people who think they have weight problems can look up to; not some fatso that needs to go on a diet. Yes, she did go on a diet in the end because there was too much pressure but seriously people, we NEED more of these people. Not people who are stick thin (not referring to anyone in particular)!

Just because you don't look as skinny as Yoona or Hyuna, it DOES NOT mean you are fat!! Be happy and love your body~~ <3