Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It's another GDay soon...


G-DRAGON (again) because a teaser was finally released after nothing came out of happened when the timer stopped. Thanks a lot, YG for getting the VIPs excited for nothing =_=

So anyway, I don't normally share links-actually, this is the first link I shared on this blog I think-but here's the teaser below~

As you can see, this "dragon" is still very attractive after 3 years since his first solo that was a mega hit. Such a sexy beast. His hair is extremely beautiful to me in this video; almost as beautiful as when he had his first solo. I know I'm sounding a little creepy at the moment but if you were a true G-Dragon fan, you would be saying that too. (Let's hope I'm not the only one here!) I mean, I think he's 24 (25 in Korean years) but he still looks young~! Look at him! He looks like a 20 year old boy who's in his prime-time in the music industry.

^My opinions. Don't hate on me just 'cause you don't agree.

ANYWAY. Today (Wednesday in Australia) is when To The Beautiful You's episode 3! Cannot wait~~~ If you didn't watch the first two or you think it sucks, change your mind about not watching it. It's amazing. Oh, massive spoiler:

Minho kisses Sulli at the end of episode 2 when his character gets drunk from drinking a glass of champagne... O_o but xD

The subbed episode will probably appear on Kimchidrama tomorrow I think...I say 'I think' a lot don't I? Lol, I'll end the post here and I might put up another post when G-D's new MV comes out.