Tuesday, 7 August 2012

U-KISS Fanfic-Someday...[Chapter 4]

'I'm so tired! If the car didn't break down I would've been fine.' Dongho complained. Their performance had ended and U-KISS was getting ready to go back to the dorms again. Kevin was sitting on the floor against the wall listening to music and thinking deeply.

Should I tell Kiseop? What if he and Eli get in an argument about this? Then what?

Suddenly, Eli crouched down in front of Kevin. He reached out his hand and ruffled Kevin's hair. Kevin looked up and saw Eli smiling gently at him.

'Are you okay? You don't seem to look that great at the moment,' Eli asked worriedly and put his hand on Kevin's shoulder. 'If there's anything wrong just tell me. I'm here for you.' Kevin just sat there quietly, thinking of what to say.

'Thing is, I don't know whether you're going to get angry at me if I tell you.'

'No, I won't. I never get angry at what you say.'

'This time, you will. I know you will,' Kevin said, beginning to hold back his tears. Eli frowned. He leaned closer to Kevin and pulled his head to his chest. Kevin froze. He was speechless.

What if Kiseop sees this, Kevin screamed in his head, worried about how Kiseop would react to this.

Kevin tried to look for Kiseop while his head was still against Eli's chest but couldn't spot him while facing only one direction.

'Can you hear my heart beating? That's how fast it beats every time I see you, talk to you and be with you,' Eli whispered softly into Kevin's ear. Kevin started crying but he wasn't sure whether he was happy to hear those words come from Eli's mouth or whether he was still worried about Kiseop. Eli kissed the top of Kevin's head and hugged him.

'Don't cry anymore. It hurts to see you cry so please smile.' Eli's voice was calming but it was somewhat scary at the same time. Kevin managed to rest his chin on Eli's shoulder so that he could look around for Kiseop and there he was-staring down at him with teary eyes that began to make the eyeliner "run" a little.

Kiseop walked out of the waiting room when Kevin called out with a wavering voice, 'K-Kiseo…' Eli hushed him before he could say anything else.

'Don't worry about him now, Kevin. I'm here. You don't need him,' Eli told Kevin.

'But…' Kevin was hushed again.

'I said don't worry, alright? Kiseop recovers easily from these things. Let's just continue doing what we were doing before, okay?' Eli exclaimed, probably hoping for Kiseop to hear it. Kevin nodded reluctantly and dabbed the tears from his eyes in case the makeup smudged.

It was a long car ride back to the dorm, especially since there was a traffic jam (even though it was 11pm). Every one of the members except Dongho and Eli were asleep. Eli was about to fall asleep but every time he tried Dongho would always shake him violently to wake him.

'Hyung, since when were you like this?' Dongho questioned. Eli gave Dongho a strange look.

'When was I like what?' he replied, squinting to keep his eyes open. Dongho's jaw dropped, too shocked to hear what he just heard. 'What? Did I do something wrong?'

'OF COURSE YOU DID, YOU IDIOT! You hugged and claimed Kevin yours in front of Kiseop. Wasn't he your friend, not your competition?'

Eli sighed with disbelief. 'He's not my competition anymore. Kevin likes me, I like Kevin. End of story.' This seemed to have made Dongho silent, although he probably had a lot of things to say to Eli.

Kevin had woken up from the noise Dongho was making.

Since when did Eli like me? he thought. A-and why did he confess to me in front of everyone? Couldn't he do it in private?

So many questions swirled in Kevin's mind, making it hard for him to think straight.  Suddenly, Kevin got an idea. It was a risky idea but he had to try. Kevin reached into his jeans' back pocket and pulled out his phone. Without any hesitations, he started texting a message.

"Are you okay? I hope you're not angry at me or Eli. If you are I can treat you to lots of bibimbap if you want, alright? ^^ So please don't be angry."

Kevin hit the send button and after a minute or two, Kiseop's phone started to beep. Not long after that, Kevin received a reply.

"I'm not angry. All I want is for you to be happy and you're happy now, right? Being with Eli, wasn't it what you wanted? (Oh, and I'll take the bibimbap offer~)"

Kevin smiled happily, thankful that Kiseop wasn't at all angry but something didn't seem quite right. Was he actually happy with Eli? Was it what really Kevin wanted? Before he could even think of any possible answers the car came to a sudden stop.

'We're here,' the manager called out to the back of the van.

The whole time while U-KISS was walking back to their dorm, Eli had his arm around Kevin but instead of being happy, Kevin was worrying about Kiseop again. Out of the blue Dongho turned to look at Kevin.

'Kevin hyung, if you keep worrying you're going to get more wrinkles! Haven't I told you that before?'

'I'm not worrying! What are you talking about?' Kevin said innocently with a fake smile. Dongho stopped climbing up the stairs and turned around completely to face him but before he could speak AJ opened his mouth.

'To be honest, you're a terrible liar, Kevin.' AJ insulted. Kevin stopped and looked at AJ with a face that slightly resembled a cute, sad puppy. 'Don't pull that face with me!'
Kevin laughed but it was more of a fake laugh than a hearty laugh. Eli rubbed Kevin's arm then planted a kiss on his cheek, to everyone's surprise. Hoon and Soohyun were speechless; in fact, everyone was. Claiming him was enough drama today but a kiss on the cheek? It was too much to handle for Kevin.

Eli smiled at all the other members saying, 'Let's all just go back to our dorm and get some rest. It is getting pretty late, you know?' and started to drag Kevin by the shoulders to help him up the stairs.

After taking only five steps, Eli picked Kevin up like how a groom would to his newlywed wife on their wedding day. Dongho stared at Eli with disbelief then turned to Kiseop to see his reaction but to his disappointment, Kiseop had no reaction at all. He just stood on the staircase looking dazed.

'C'mon, let's get back to the dorm. The manager's going to get angry at us if we stay here all night,' Soohyun ordered while yawning loudly. Everyone nodded and began walking up the stairs together.

The next day, Kevin woke up finding himself lying down next to Eli. Kevin sat up, shocked, but then lay down again because it was too cold to even get out of bed.

We didn't do anything weird did we? Kevin tried to recall what happened last night. We came back from the performance, got to the dorm, came into the room with Eli, then…what happened next? He had forgotten what happened after going in the room with Eli.

Kevin sighed deeply and groaned loudly but halted halfway, forgetting that Eli was right next to him. Kevin turned to look at Eli, only to find Eli looking right back at him. Before he could scream Eli covered Kevin's mouth with his hand.

'Eli, don't scare me like that!' he cried angrily after pushing Eli's hand away.

'What did I do? All I did was look at you.'

'B-but I thought you were asleep!' Eli just laughed and ran his fingers through Kevin's soft hair.

My heart's beating faster again but…why?

Eli kissed Kevin's forehead and jumped out of bed and said, 'We'd better get out of bed before Soohyun hyung gets mad at us again.'
Kevin nodded and followed Eli to the living room where Hoon and AJ were watching a children's TV show.

'Oh, you're finally awake? The others went to get some lunch for us but they'll be back soon,' Hoon said, keeping his eyes fixed on the TV screen. AJ grunted in agreement then continued watching.

'Let's go and brush our teeth while they're gone,' Eli suggested and grabbed Kevin by the wrist and dragged him to the bathroom.

'We're back~!' Dongho sang with a creaky voice as he marched into the apartment. The sound of rustling plastic bags became louder and the smell of different foods became stronger as Soohyun and Kiseop walked through the apartment door. AJ and Hoon cheered and jumped off the couch to get some food.

'You took so long but you only got street snacks? I thought you were going to buy noodles or something,' Eli whinged.

'Do you think I have enough money to food all of you?' Soohyun replied. Kevin gasped.

'Did you buy all that with your own money?!' he exclaimed, shocked. Soohyun nodded with a serious face but then broke into a laugh and started shaking his head. 'Oh, okay. Anyway, let's eat!' Kevin said joyfully and started eating before everyone else.

Soon, it came to the end of the day. Just after U-KISS had finished dinner, Kevin came out of his room dressed in skinny jeans, a winter jacket and headphones around his neck. Kiseop gave him a funny look.

'Where are you going? You look like you're meeting someone,' Kiseop said suspiciously. Kevin sighed and slowly avoided eye contact with everyone.

'I'm just going for a walk. I don't really feel well so I'm going to get some fresh air.' Everyone kept quite. Kevin heard the water in the bathroom stop. Eli had finished his shower. 'Please don't tell Eli that I'm gone. It'll probably take him a while to find out so please don't tell,' Kevin begged. Soohyun sighed and tilted his head towards the door, telling Kevin to go. Kevin wasted no time at all and basically sprinted out of the apartment but closed the door gently hoping Eli wouldn't hear it close. Kiseop stood stationary for a couple of minutes then decided to go after Kevin.

'Make sure Eli doesn't know we're gone. Distract him for at least ten minutes, okay hyung?' Kiseop told Soohyun then ran after Kevin

Soohyun smiled and muttered, 'kids these days,' then looked to Dongho who was standing next to him.

Dongho caught Soohyun looking at him then yelled, 'what are you looking at?!'

It was cold outside and the roads looked deserted even though it was only 8pm. The ground was completely covered with a thin layer of snow except for a trail of footprints behind Kevin as he walked slowly towards the playground that was a block away from U-KISS' apartment. Kevin's music was basically blasting in his ears but he didn't really mind because it helped him forget all his problems. He didn't realise it, but Kiseop was about 30 metres from him, jogging slowly towards him and hoping Kevin would stop walking for a bit so that he could catch up to him.

Without a care in the world, Kevin strode along the sidewalk and started to cross the road when all of a sudden he felt a sharp pain on the entire left side of his body. His vision was blurry but he could see half of his body being covered with blood. It was almost impossible to move his body because of all the pain. He could hear Kiseop's voice screaming out his name and he could feel tears beginning to run down his face.

'K-Kiseop…' Kevin muttered, finally getting words out. He grabbed onto Kiseop's arm and smiled weakly. 'Don't leave me okay?' Kiseop nodded, holding Kevin's hand tightly. Kevin looked Kiseop in the eyes and told him, 'promise me you won't…leave…me…', his voice faltering as he continue to spoke. For a moment he saw Kiseop crying then…nothing.