Monday, 20 August 2012

U-KISS Fanfic-Someday...[Chapter 5]

It's been 4 weeks since the crash. Kevin's whole body was stiff; almost impossible to move. The only thing he could do was lie down, smell the air and listen to his cardiac monitor. It was like his whole body had shut down and his senses were gone but he was still conscious and his heart was still beating. That was the main thing.

Is this really the end for me? Am I going to die here without even saying goodbye?

Someone walked into Kevin's room and started speaking with a calm voice. 'It's not my fault, Eli.'

Wait, Eli's here?

'Yes, it is! You were with him when that freakin' car ran into him, weren't you?!' That was definitely Eli's voice coming from beside him but is he talking to Kiseop?

'What makes you think just because I was running after him that it was my fau…'
'You could've stopped him!'

Kiseop sighed. 'I couldn't have, Eli! I was too far from his to pull him back!' He started to sob. Eli took a deep breath. There was silence then Eli walked out of the room, leaving Kiseop to cry quietly to himself.

Kevin felt someone grab his cold hand. Suddenly he could feel warm tears begin to drip down his arm. It was Kiseop, he was sure of it. Kiseop stroked Kevin's hair back and rest his head on Kevin's chest, still holding on to his hand.

'I'm sorry I couldn't do anything, Kevin. I'm so sorry,' Kiseop's voice wavered as he mumbled to himself, his warm head still on Kevin's chest. Tears continuously ran from Kiseop's eyes.

'Stop crying, Kiseop. It's not your fault,' Kevin wanted to say but was still unable to move.

Why does it hurt when I hear him cry? It hurts even more than the car crash. Why, why does my heart ache so badly when he cries? Even with his eyes closed, Kevin began to feel tears roll down his face.

Kiseop raised his head to look at Kevin, only to see tears running down his still face. Kiseop started to cry with happiness. He got up and leaned closer to Kevin's face and pressed his lips against Kevin's.

'Hyung…' Dongho's voice faltered. His jaw dropped, surprised. Kiseop pulled away from Kevin.

'Dongho, is Kiseop still in the…'

No! Why did you have to come now?!

Kevin's cardiac monitor started to beep faster. Dongho whispered something to Eli and left the room. The room fell silent again. Eli's footsteps were slowly becoming louder.

'Eli, I…' SLAP! Kevin cringed at the sharp noise.

'Don't you dare talk, you little...! I told you to keep your hands off him, didn't I?' Eli snapped. The cardiac monitor beeped even faster than before, catching both Kiseop and Eli's attention. Eli relaxed and sighed. 'This is your first and last warning. If you touch him like that again, I'll beat the crap out of you.'

Since when was Eli this scary? I hope Kiseop's okay.

The bright lights blinded him as he opened his eyes for the first time in 2 months. Everyone was standing around his hospital bed-everyone except Kiseop. Kevin tried to get out of bed but collapsed immediately and was caught by Eli.

'Don't try to walk yet, the doctor said to give you a wheelchair for now since your whole body isn't ready to start moving again after so long,' he explained kindly. A nurse with an empty wheelchair started helping Kevin get in it.

'I'm gonna get some air. I've been sitting in an empty room for how long?' Kevin laughed.

'Remember what happened the last time you said that?' Soohyun reminded.

'There's a garden here though, right?' Kevin smiled and started to wheel himself to the hospital's garden on the first floor. Although his arms weren't used to pushing his own weight on a wheelchair, there were no problems so far but after wheeling himself around the hospital looking for the garden, Kevin's arms became sore.

Finally, I found the garden, Kevin thought with relief and sighed with content.

There he was-standing in the sunlight and talking to a girl, around six years old, who was probably another patient at the hospital. He patted the girl's head gently and laughed. Although it glistened brightly as he smiled, Kiseop's eyes were filled with sadness. The girl nodded and ran pass Kevin and went inside the building with a sunflower in her tiny hand. Kiseop watched the girl run inside the hospital then his smile faded. Kevin smiled happily at Kiseop but all he did was turn away and looked at a small patch of sunflowers that swayed with the gentle wind.

'Kiseop…' Kevin muttered to himself. He wheeled closer to Kiseop, approaching him slowly. When Kevin reached him, Kiseop walked towards the building without looking at Kevin even once. 'Wait, Kiseop!' Kevin cried out but was just ignored. His heart began to hurt again. Just like when Kiseop was crying. It was like someone had driven a stake through his heart. It was like someone had ripped his heart from his chest. Kevin put his hand on his heart and started to cry. Why was the pain so unbearable?

'Shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't pin this all on me!' Kevin was just about to enter his room when he overheard Eli talking on the phone. 'You're the one that played with his feelings, not me. I did what any guy would do. You did what every 'player' would do,' Eli said, calming down. He waited for a response on the other end of the phone. 'You tried to get him when he was with me but when he finally noticed you, you turned your head. You're even worse than me you know?' Eli hung up and sighed. Kevin slowly entered the room, pretending he didn't hear anything. Kevin tried to get eye contact with Eli.

'Are you okay? You look a little tied up, at the moment.' Eli looked at Kevin and smiled gently.

'I-I'm fine. What about you? Getting better?' Kevin laughed like it was a joke.

'I've only been out of bed for half an hour. It's not like I have healing powers, right?' Eli chuckled and sat on the edge of the hospital bed next to Kevin's wheelchair.

He stroked Kevin's face and said, 'you do, to me' and pecked Kevin on the lips. Kevin looked at Eli, slightly surprised at what he just did. 'I'll always love you. Don't forget that, okay?' Eli said softly. Kevin beamed with happiness and nodded.

'Let's order pizza. I'm allowed to eat that, right? I haven't eaten in a while,' Kevin suggested cheerfully, grabbing his phone from the bedside table and calling Pizza Hut.

'Pizza for dinner it is,' Eli nodded with approval.

Without knowing it, both Kevin and Eli had fallen asleep after eating two whole pizzas. Kevin was cuddling up next to Eli who seemed to be Kevin's 'blanket' for the night. He felt warm in Eli's arms no matter how cold the weather was. Kevin didn't know why that was but he did realise that it wasn't warm when Kiseop used to hug him.

'Eli, are you awake?' Kevin mumbled with a hoarse voice as he slowly awakened. Eli wrapped his arms around Kevin and kissed his cheek.

'Now I am,' he chuckled. 'What's up? Can't sleep anymore?' Kevin's room was dark except for the corridor lights coming through the glass window of the door.

'I don't know. I think my brain thought it was day-time already since we probably slept quite early.' Eli and Kevin laughed quietly to themselves. 'Do you think the nurses mind you staying overnight? I don't think they allow visitors to stay past visiting hours.' Eli took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair.

'It's just one night, right?' Eli said sheepishly and planted another kiss on Kevin's cheek.

'I guess so. Let's get some sleep and stop kissing my cheek; I might get a pimple there.' Kevin giggled cheekily. Eli ruffled Kevin's hair and said, 'fine' and went back to sleep.

When Kevin woke up again, Eli wasn't next to him anymore. His room was filled with sunlight coming from the windows on the other side of the room. The room was back to being empty again. The azaleas on his bedside table were beginning to wilt, its petals starting to look brown and floppy.

I wonder who gave those to me. There wasn't a card by the flowers or anything the last time I checked.

Kevin sighed and yawned loudly. He reached into his pocket to check the time on his phone.

'11.30 already?!' he screamed. 'Wait, why do I need to worry? It's not like I need to go anywhere.' His phone began to vibrate in his hand. 'A message from Kiseop…' Kevin hesitated to look at the text message but it was too hard to resist the temptation. He unlocked his phone and read the message thoroughly.

"Look, sorry about yesterday. I was a little…moody. So how about this, to make up for yesterday let's go on a picnic~ The doctor said you've recovered enough to go outside for a bit so you don't have to worry about him getting angry. I'll come get you at around 12pm k? See ya soon~ ^O^"

Kevin thought about the time and realised it was nearly 12pm. He pondered for a while-maybe ten minutes-and decided he would quickly change into the set of clothes Kiseop must've left yesterday when he visited him.

'Kevin,' someone mused. Kevin wheeled himself out of the bathroom with a toothbrush stuck in a mouth and found Kiseop standing by the room door. He spotted Kevin but the first thing that caught his eye was the toothbrush. 'Why is it every time I see you in a bathroom or see you come out from one, there's always a toothbrush in your mouth?' Kiseop walked towards Kevin and yanked the brush out. Kevin squirmed and looked at Kiseop with a face that said, what the hell was that for? Kiseop ruffled Kevin's hair and pointed towards the bathroom. 'Go clean up. We're leaving soon, alright?'

'Where are we going Kiseop? Just tell me already,' Kevin whinged. Kiseop had blindfolded him just for the fun of it.

'Just a little longer. We're nearly there.' Kevin's wheelchair came to a stop. Kiseop untied the blindfold and rested his hands on Kevin's shoulders. Kevin gasped. His face lit up, amazed by the wonderful scenery. They were at a park, almost as big as an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The cherry blossom trees surrounding the park (almost like a fence) swayed with the wind, pink cherry blossoms floating around. Kiseop continued to push Kevin's wheelchair to the middle of the green field. There was no one around, only the two of them.

'T-this is beautiful, Kiseop,' Kevin stuttered as he finally managed to get some words out.

Kiseop said calmly, 'I used to come here when my mother was admitted to the hospital.' Kevin never knew what happened to Kiseop's mother because he never really wanted to share it with anyone.

'Will you tell me what happened? To you mother, I mean.' Kiseop stopped pushing the wheelchair and started to wander around the area then stopped. He turned to Kevin and looked down to the ground.

'She passed away 17 years ago from an illness she got after giving birth to me.' Kevin looked at Kiseop with a shocked expression.

'I'm so sor…'

'Shhhh,' Kiseop hushed. 'It's all in the past now, alright? You don't have to worry, Kevin.' Kiseop bent down in front of Kevin and gave him a reassuring smile. 'Also, I need to tell you something important. I've been wanting to say this for a while but I was too much of a chicken to tell you before.' Kiseop moved closer to Kevin. 'I love you,' he said then kissed Kevin passionately on the lips.