Saturday, 18 August 2012

Year of the (G-) Dragon

Alright, today is the birthday of the one and only...G-DRAGON! Leader of Big Bang and Korean fashionista. That's G-dragon. Did I mention he's super hot? ;D

Such a cute dog right? Lawl nah, obviously G-Dragon's the blonde. So hot, right? XD Sorry, fangirl moment. Anyway, it's his birthday BUT. There's something more exciting than his birthday. Actually, two more things more exciting than this event.


G-dragon's comeback is tomorrow~!!!! (well, in Australia at 11pm, that is.) 


^That's the official countdown/timer G-dragon posted on his official twitter @ibgdrgn. ARE ALL YOU VIPs EXCITED?! I know I am :DDD Get ready 'cause G-D's gonna take you by storm! (not liteally...)

Last exciting thing:

I JUST SAW U-KISS' JAPANESE COMEBACK MUSIC VIDEO. It's called 'One of You' I think, so go check it out. GO GO GO! It's amazing~ All you Kiseop fans would be super happy 'cause Kiseop sings about a whole verse in the song and it sounds really good so pay attention if you're watching the video now. Oh, and all you Kevin fans out there (including myself), Kevin's vocals are really amazing in this because he hits the high notes a lot and it's very heavenly~ *_* The song is pretty good, to be honest. Reminds me of Boyfriend's Love Style for some reason (video-wise).

I'm pretty sure that's all I have to fangirl about. I might do a meaningful post next or more about beauty stuff/issues and if you want to request a post that falls under the category of Korean/Asian beauty then go ahead and share it with me. I don't mind requests~

And that's it. Bye for now~! <3

That's not the end. I was joking. Here's a "present" for G-Dragon even if he'll probably never see it...

Now it's goodbye. For real. XD