Thursday, 16 August 2012

Happy Birthday to the Bunny

Today's Yeo Hoonmin's birthday! YAYAYAYAYAY~~! If you didn't know, Hoon's from the Korean band, U-KISS. He's the...3rd youngest I think? Hoon just turned 22 or 23 in Korean years and I'm really happy! I spent the whole day screaming "It's Hoon's birthday today!!!!" to my friends who didn't really like U-KISS...well that's gay (not homosexual, stupid-it's Australian slang, I guess).

 I drew a little something for Hoon (which I tweeted to him but not sure whether he's going to respond xD) and yeah, it's on my DeviantArt as well, as you can see on the Hope you like the picture and I'm going to post another painting in a couple of days so be patient if you want to take a look ;D