Sunday, 2 September 2012

Popular Korean hairstyles

Finally, a serious blog post =_=

Okay, a lot of you might be wondering, 'I want to get a haircut but how should it look like' or something along those lines. Have no fear anymore 'cause I'm going to discuss with you what are the most popular fringes and maybe the type of cut.

So this is one of the most popular types of hairstyles/fringes in South Korea at the moment.
Suzy Bae from Miss A-cute mushroom fringe

The fringe is obviously 'bangs' and if you didn't know, the shape of it doesn't come naturally. What I mean by that is to get your bangs to curl in like Suzy's, you need a hairdryer or something. Don't ask me about it, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, Suzy has sorta like a mushroom bob fringe (kinda like G-Dragon's mushroom hair in 'Monster'...) and lets her long hair sit in front of her shoulders. Cute, no?

If you have a SUPER round face, I do not recommend this hairstyle unless you want to emphasis your face shape a lot more.

If you don't like thick bangs, you could always go for something like this.

Sulli from f(x)- thinned bangs
As you can see, Sulli's fringe is much more thinner and it's actually cut to go longer as you go to the sides of her face. You know what I mean? It's hard to explain...but yeah, Sulli doesn't have a round-ish face but has a rather ovally face. Sorta like my ideal face shape~ ^_^ Sulli also braids her hair and it looks like one side of the braid has more hair? LOL. That's style though, so it doesn't matter :) Just don't do it too unevenly.

Next popular style!

Hyuna from 4Minute- middle parting

Here we have a middle parting but you can tell that Hyuna's fringe is quite long. Hyuna's face shape is between a round face and an oval face to me. It's like Sulli's but more longer...XD Yeah, the middle parting doesn't suit a lot of people, most of the time because of their face shape or the way their hair flows (sounds weird but it DOES make a difference). If you're one of those people who suits middle partings and can look as good as Hyuna with it, good for you! I don't mean that in a sarcastic way.

If it doesn't suit you and makes you look like a nerd or makes you look gay (not homosexual or happy, stupid-it's Australian slang), then go for the normal side parting but with 'style'...GANGNAM STYLE >:D Just joking. (Gangnam Style's a real trend in Australia at the moment)

UEE from After School- side parting
So here, you see just a normal side-parting. Nothing unusual there :P Ooh, I want to mention something here. I think a side-parting suits anyone. Like, even people with bangs or a middle-parting will look good. Any shaped face would look good! Gives out a natural feel~~

The last popular hairstyle is really common throughout the world but I don't think you'll be surprised.

Jessica from Girls' Generation- side sweep

The side-sweep fringe >:D

To be honest, I've always wanted a side fringe like Jessica's. It looks so cool :3 Plus, she's so pretty with the fringe. Okay, so you can tell where she 'sweeps' her fringe to the side. I don't think you understand me but oh well. Yeah, it's not only this type of side-sweep fringe that's popular.

This is another type of a side-sweep. It might not seem too obvious but the fringe actually covers the WHOLE forehead rather than having a small gap. Also, Sunny doesn't have a parting. Her hair just falls...DX I'm terrible at explaining things. Side-sweeps suit only certain face shapes. I haven't seen anyone with a long face and a side-sweep fringe but if you do have a long face and wants to have this type of fringe, go for it if you really want to! Or if you want, you can ask you hairdresser whether it might suit you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I didn't take as much time as I did with the make-up one but I hope it was as good as that :3 Thanks for reading and hope this was helpful~~ :D