Thursday, 27 September 2012

U-KISS Fanfic- Somday...[Chapter 7]

Kiseop scrunched his eyebrows. ‘What did you say?’ Either Kevin said something completely different or he said exactly what Kiseop heard.

‘Nothing, let’s go back to the hospital.’ Kevin muttered with a gentle smile. Kiseop chuckled quietly to himself and pushed Kevin’s wheelchair towards the exit.

I wonder what Eli would say?

‘YOU WHAT?!’ Eli screamed furiously. He groaned loudly and flipped Kevin’s bedside table, tipping over everything and breaking a couple of photo frames. Kevin had never seen Eli this angry before. Maybe it was because of him that he was becoming angrier?

‘Eli, I’m sorry,’ Kevin whimpered, afraid. Eli scoffed. He punched the wall as hard as he could and rested his head on the surface.

‘Woo Sung Hyun…maybe I was wrong. Maybe it was you who was playing with everyone’s feelings. Maybe you’re the evil one, not Kiseop.’ That was the first time Eli had used Kevin’s Korean name. Kevin sat quietly on the bed and waited for Eli to leave the room, trying to avoid any eye contact. ‘I’m going now,’ Eli finally said, making his way out of Kevin’s ward.

‘I’m sorry but I’m not changing my mind,’ Kevin said under his breath. Eli chuckled.

‘Someday you’ll come running back to me. You always do.’ As Eli walked out of the room, Kevin bent down to pick up the photographs that were in the photo frames that were now broken. Kevin looked at the photos and held in against him chest.

He sighed and mumbled, ‘he probably didn’t see what the photos were of.’ He held the photos in both of his hands and looked at it again. One of the pictures was of Kevin’s family but the other one was of him and Eli at a theme park. Eli had one arm around Kevin’s shoulders and they were both smiling.

What happened to the times like this?

On the last night in the hospital, Kevin decided to try and walk since he had nothing else to do and it was only 7pm. As he began to stand, his legs started to shake. The doctor told him he might need walking therapy since he was confined in a wheelchair for so long but Kevin didn’t care. He just wanted to know what it was like to walk again. The feeling of walking…how he missed it.

Kevin took a few steps and collapsed to the ground. There was no pain in his legs but he started to cry. He wasn’t exactly sure why water was falling from his eyes. No pain, no tears-that makes sense but why on earth is he crying?

‘Stop it, Kevin. Why do you have to cry at everything?’ he said to himself, hitting his head repetitively.

‘I pity that kid, always so sad.’

‘A little melodramatic, if you ask me.’ Kevin turned his head slightly and found two nurses standing by his door with obviously nothing better to do. One of the nurses was pretty but skinny, almost malnourished. The other one was plump, her stomach spilt out of her blouse.

Why do they even bother to judge me? It’s not like they understand what I’m going through.

‘Let’s leave the kid. He must be going through some hard stuff at the moment.’

That’s right, leave. Leave and let me be at peace.

Kevin struggled to get on his bed, especially when he was on the floor and couldn’t stand up. When he was finally sitting on the edge of the mattress, Kevin started going through the pictures he took with Eli.

I forgot I had a whole file full of pictures of just Eli and I on my phone.

As he looked through the pictures all the memories with Eli came flowing in again at once like a tsunami that just flooded his brain. All the good times and all the bad. It just suddenly came rushing in. Kevin had mixed emotions now; he was happy, sad, angry, and who knows what other emotions he had.

‘I should delete this before it triggers my ‘waterworks’ again,’ he suggested. Before hitting the button with the trashcan on it, Kevin sighed deeply. ‘I might regret doing this someday.’ He pressed the button and tossed his phone to the other end of the bed. Kevin threw himself back and lay quietly on his bed. Kevin’s phone suddenly rang.

It must be Kiseop. I don’t think I should answer any phone calls today.

He left his phone to ring. As soon as his phone stopped ringing, Kevin’s doctor walked into the room.

‘Good news, Kevin! You can be discharged today. We’ve already notified your manager and he said told us that he’ll send someone over to pick you up so pack your things!’ the doctor said cheerfully.

Before he left Kevin was sure the doctor winked in his direction.

Don’t tell me he was making a pass at me. He must be 40 or something!

He shook his head and shrugged off the matter and started packing all his belongings. All he had was a small travel bag that was meant for only his clothes but somehow, Kevin managed to stuff about 20 get-well-soon gifts into his bag. The bag was pretty stuffed and looked as if it was going to explode any second. Kevin double-checked the room and made sure that he didn’t forget anything. If he did, he would have a hard time packing those items into the already-full bag.

‘Hyung, hurry up. The manager wanted us to quickly get back to the dorm because he has something to tell us!’ That annoying voice sounded familiar. It was Dongho.

‘How did you get here? You can’t drive a car, can you?’ Dongho scoffed at the thought and smiled proudly as he pulled out his wallet and waved a card in front of Kevin’s face.

‘While you were stuck in this boring place I got my license!’ Kevin just nodded. Dongho frowned, disappointed with Kevin’s reaction. ‘Let’s go. You packed all your things already, right?’ Without further ado, Kevin picked up his travel bag off his bed and followed Dongho downstairs in his wheelchair.

As Kevin climbed into Dongho’s new car, someone called out his name. He looked around but saw no one waving at him or coming towards him.

‘Let’s hope the medication’s not playing with my mind,’ Kevin sighed and ruffled his hair.

‘Ya, Kevin hyung! Are you going to ignore me now?’ Dongho yelled, getting in the driver’s seat. ‘Hurry up and close the door, will you? I can’t drive while you’re half-hanging out of the car.’ Kevin muttered an apology and shut the door. ‘Hyung, I heard you made your decision.’

Kevin leaned against the car door and pouted. ‘It’s not even a definite answer and you celebrate the occasion.’ From the corner of his eye, Kevin could see Dongho’s shocked face.


‘Why is everyone calling me by my full name?’

‘Because we’re all angry at you for being so…blind and ignorant!’ Kevin turned his head towards the maknae. He scrunched his eyebrows and pondered. ‘Look, you either like Eli or Kiseop. You can’t just jump to either of them when you feel like it. Pick before your next birthday, which is…next Monday. That’s four days away so decide for yourself,’ Dongho advised. ‘By the way, Eli swapped rooms with me so from now on we’re roommates.’

The rest of the drive back to the dorm was quiet. Not even the radio was on. It was like they were at someone’s funeral. Only the sounds of traffic coming from all directions of the car could be heard.

Now that I think about it, why does Dongho help me with these things? It shouldn’t bother him, right?

After nearly one hour on the road, Kevin and Dongho finally arrived at their dorm. Kevin had fallen asleep and was snoring softly.

‘That rascal’s sleeping, huh? I shouldn’t wake him up in case he gets grumpy,’ Dongho grumbled as he thought of a way to get Kevin inside without waking him. ‘I think he’s too heavy to be carried up the stairs but I might as well try. If he really is too heavy I’ll just drag him up the stairs.’

As Dongho struggled to carry Kevin’s dead weight on his shoulders up the staircase, someone was walking down the stairs. Dongho took a quick glance to see who it was and saw Eli’s face. Eli turned to Dongho and stopped walking.

He opened his mouth to yell but instead muttered, ‘what were you doing with Kevin? Isn’t he still meant to be in the hospital?’

‘You’re so slow on things, hyung! He got discharged today and I went to pick him up. Oh, can you get his wheelchair in the back of my car? Here’s the keys.’ Dongho tossed the keys at Eli and continued to climb the stairs.

‘You still haven’t answered my question, Dongho. What were you doing with him?’ Instead of answering Dongho just ignored Eli and kept walking. ‘YA! Don’t just walk away without answering me.’

Dongho stopped and said under his breath, ‘I just picked him up from the hospital. Nothing more.’ Eli shook his head and headed towards the building’s entrance. ‘That guy really needs to loosen up a little.’

When Dongho and walked into the dorm with a sleeping Kevin on his back, the whole of the U-KISS members (except Eli who was getting the wheelchair) and their manager were all gathered in front of the television watching a black screen.

‘Oh, you guys are finally…here. We’ll have to tell Kevin later. Take a seat, Dongho. Just put Kevin on the couch,’ the manager said with no expression. Dongho did as he was told. ‘I need to tell you all something and this concerns all of you.’ The manager looked at Kiseop then turned to Kevin. ‘No dating other members.’