Sunday, 30 September 2012

Being Different

Okay, here's the thing. I know this will be somewhat similar to my other post Male K-POP Idols and their feminine side but hear me out.

All you westerners, don't be so judgemental please. Just because K-POP idols don't speak the same language as you do, wear skinny jeans all day long and wear make-up (regardless of their gender) doesn't mean that they're gay, homosexual, retarded or anything along those lines. Just because they don't do things the way westerners do, doesn't mean they're not human.

At my school people used to make fun of K-POP because they didn't speak English or because they spoke Engrish. So what?! Have you tried to learn a different language in a short period of time then go to that country and speak it? DIDN'T THINK SO. Also, before the story of Gangnam Style (and even after), people used to comment on male K-POP idols. They would say, 'is that a girl or a guy?' or 'why the hell is he wearing make-up?' Now I know they look a little feminine sometimes but they can't help it. Most of the time it's genetics. YOU CAN'T BLAME THEM. I feel really hurt even though they're not insulting me but they're insulting what I like. I know it shouldn't bring me down no matter what if I'm a true fan but what would they do if I called them homosexual or something just because they have long hair or something? Probably beat the crap out of me if they were thugs but otherwise, they would feel insulted and hurt inside.

The new fashion trend for guys is to wear skinny jeans and all those other types of clothes (well here in Australia it is) but when it comes to K-POP idols, the hate just keeps on comin' :P 'They look like girls because they wear skinny jeans.' *gonna swear a little here* BITCH PLEASE. Look in the mirror. You wear freakin' pastel coloured skinny jeans and you call them a girl. Are you fucking serious? And you say make-up is for girls? Look at Hollywood actors. THEY ALL HAVE MAKE-UP ON. Sure, it's not as obvious but it's still make-up. What' wrong with wearing eyeliner? I bet when those haters were younger they would've played with their mother's make-up-INCLUDING THE EYELINER.

This is slightly different for the female K-POP idols. The make-up's normal but there's one thing. The slutty clothing. When westerners didn't have that much influence on K-POP, the girls were basically innocent looking, with the exception of a few. Girls' Generation is doing a good thing by keeping up that innocent look most of the time. All that cute stuff, what's wrong with it? Does society have to live in a world where women expose and sell their bodies? I'm not hating on her but Hyuna has turned into a complete sex machine; and that's not a good thing. She used to be cute, she even wanted be cute but thanks to western influence, she's now one of the most...sluttiest girls in K-POP when she performs. All her dances are full of 'rubbing-my-body-to-look-sexy' sort of stuff and when she dances, her dresses probably aren't even classified as dresses because it's so damn short. At least she has shorts under those things but geez, wear a longer skirt.

Those companies are trying to get their music into the western world-mainly the US but to do that, they need to attract them and the only way is to pretty much dress them up like trashy sluts. Thanks America :P Sweet, innocent and cute to just plain trashy.

What I'm trying to say is that there isn't one fixed image for a girl or guy to look. If everyone looked the same what's the point in calling ourselves by our names? Might as well just live by as a number, if you ask me. So please, just because they're different doesn't mean they're not human.