Monday, 29 October 2012

Not All K-POP Idols are Skinny.

This actually part 2 to my other post "Not all K-POP idols are skinny...right?" so if you want to, you can read that first.

So just recently, actually, a new YG rookie had their debut :D It's a solo artist by the name of Lee Hi~ (If you're a eatyourkimchi fan or you like Simon and Martina, apparently Lee Hi was a student of theirs) Her debut song is called '1, 2, 3, 4' and before that I think she was on this talent show called 'K-POP Star' or something like that.

Anyway, back to the point or deal or whatever you call it. I was just watching her video and realised something. She has a figure that's different to the 'average' stick-thin K-POP girls out there. I'm not calling her fat, I'm actually trying to make a point here.

Lee Hi in '1, 2, 3, 4'
If you can't see her (how can you miss her when she's in the middle of the picture), she's the girl in the green. I'm sorry if the picture's blurry. I just took a screenshot because the video came out today and there were no 'good' screenshots so yeah.

As you can see, her thighs aren't super skinny. That's actually the size of my thighs... T^T Same with her calves. It's not all fat, you can see the muscle but I think there should be more people like these and less girls who look almost malnourished (not to be mean or anything). Also, from looking at her face you can tell she's a little on the chubby side.

Lee Hi in '1, 2, 3, 4'
So that's another snippet (more like screenshot) from Lee Hi's new video. This was the first part I thought of where they had a good long close up on her face but you can tell her face is slightly chubby. To be honest, I think YG should've made her cute instead but that's my opinion. 

Like I said in my other post, idols like this could be role models. I really hope Lee Hi doesn't go skinny and all because at the moment she's one of the reasons why I still believe I can be a K-POP Idol even with the body size I have :) You guys out there who have the same dreams as me but are too scared because you're not perfect, you should look up to Lee Hi too~! Don't let weight, appearance, or anything like that be an obstacle! The only thing that's stopping me right now is stage fright so the self-esteem isn't my biggest was, though. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Don't let anything get in your way (unless it's your parents-that I can't really help with)!!! 

Hope this gave you some joy and hope to keep following your dreams and maybe pursue it! :D Thanks for reading this post too :3 <3