Friday, 26 October 2012


Today was Rachel's birthday dinner~~~ :D Just came back and my stomach is bloated. Literally. So there were 8 people, some I just met today, and we had a great time! We had Thai food but I've never eaten a lot of Thai so I wasn't sure how it would taste but I really liked it!

We had 3 plates of Pad Thai (I think that's how you spell it...) and 3 plates of fried rice shared between the 8 of us. Plus two 8 spring rolls and 8 'money bags'. It didn't seem like much food but there was so much Rachel had to take-away the left overs...

After the main dishes we waited FOREVER for the dessert. OMG I was about to write desert. Anyways. So there was a teacher that Rachel and everyone else but me knew and she ordered a special ice-cream sundae with a candle in it just for Rachel :3 That's a great teacher..I wish I had one like that. So we waited for a bit more while Rachel casually ate her special sundae and there it came. A monstrous bowl full of ice-cream, lollies and sweets and some cherries and other berries. IT WAS GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU. Everyone near our table were staring at us and this lady came up to see what it was xD There was also this kid who kept looking over at our table, probably amazed by the massive bowl of sweet, delicious dessert. It was pretty crazy because we all finished within half an hour. I currently have a stomach ache from all that sugar.

Once the eating was done, it was picture time. Selfies, silly pictures, everyone had their phones and cameras out. I have to admit, it was one crazy night all together and I had so much fun :)))

Love you Rachel and hope you like my present :D Oh yeah, if you wanna know what I got her, I bought her a straightener and drew a picture of her (that's why I'm not putting the picture up because then you'll know what she looks like XD).