Saturday, 13 October 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

It's FINALLY my very special birthday~! Well, special to me anyway. I suppose I don't feel much different, apart from the fact that I'm a year older, but I got presents :3 I LOVE PRESENTS.

My parents gave me a Wacom drawing tablet, 2 K-POP posters (Jung Yong Hwa and Big Bang) and a Hello Korean with Lee Junki <3 Already started to read the book XD One of my friends gave me a nice scented teddy bear, a Cotton On gift card and a video dedicated to me :) Another one of them gave me earrings, a really nice necklace and nail polish (but my mum doesn't allow me to put nail polish on because I bite my nails =_= OH WELL). Oh, and my sister got me the Pig-rabbit doll from the drama, 'You're Beautiful' :3 So coooootttteeeee <3 Love them all for getting me those things~

On facebook, my friends all wished me happy birthday and all but to be honest, I bet half of them were just being polite. All they wrote was 'Happy Birthday *smiley face*'. Seriously guys? C'mon. I suppose I can't talk because most of the time I do it but no one needs to know that >_<.

Tuesday is back-to-school day and I have this assignment on poems due but I think I'll leave the work for tomorrow ;) Oh, that reminds me...I'm going out for Korean tomorrow night~ YES! I love Korean food even though it's so damn spicy XD I might write a review for that restaurant for those people in W.A who wants to go to a nice Korean restaurant...haha.

If you wanted to know, I'm not really writing my U-KISS fanfic at the moment because I'm too caught up into writing my other one (if you didn't know go check out my asianfanfics account-I only posted it there). I'm also not producing any paintings lately because I'm too lazy some times and painting is very time-consuming...