Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hello Korean with Lee Junki-Info

I don't think I told you this but I got a book that will help me learn Korean :') FINALLY. Aaaaannndd it's with my favourite actor, which makes it even better ;D

Around $25 :)

So that's what it looks like (the English one, anyway) when i first opened it's plastic wrapping. The brown part is removable-it's sorta like this paper that goes around the back too but there are tabs that fold into the cover page. It's hard to explain but all you need to know is that it's removable but in all honesty the book looks better with it on than off. 

Um, if you've researched this book beforehand, you should already know that this comes with a CD-two, in fact. If you didn't know and this is the first time you've read about it you should already know too since I just said it. 

So this book is sort of like a text book. It has this section where you read along with the CD, this part full of words that are related to the matter, this section where it teaches you Korean grammar (use with particles-I can't really explain it but the closest thing to it in the English language would be conjunctions-and other stuff...XD) and even if it doesn't mention sentence structure you'll get to understand it more since it highlights the important bits in the sentence. There's also this section where you write. They'll first ask you to fill in the blanks then they'll then ask you to try to write the whole sentence by yourself.

For me, normally I hate to write but for this, I enjoy writing Korean because it looks so neat ^_^ At the end of the chapter (forgot to mention the book goes in chapters), you'll listen to a dialog of this girl and Lee Junki (there are many different characters in the book but Lee Junki and the girl voice all of them, I think) once via CD then you will have a turn to 'speak' with Lee Junki, replacing the girl, but the conversation goes really quickly because Lee Junki and the girl speak really quickly and it's hard for you to keep up but I suppose you'll just have to learn to speak faster. So this is will be the format throughout the whole book. Even though it's repetitive it still teaches you a lot. There's also a bonus- you get to listen to Junki's sexy, deep voice. It's very soothing and you should Google the songs he's sung. My personal favourites' Selfless Dedicated Trees and Let Me Tell You so go listen~

Oh, um...the instructions in the book are in English but it's not on the CD and also, all the conversation and dialogs are written in Korean but don't worry. Before all that stuff I said was in the book, there's this whole section on how to pronounce characters, how to read it and just some more basic things about reading and writing.