Thursday, 26 December 2013

Photography Session Around Perth

I haven't been updating in a while and I'm sorry but here's a short one before I go on holidays. So I've been taking photos of places I've been to in the past month or so and well, I just thought I'd share some. Bare in mind that this is photography of an amateur with a really nice camera LOL.

Subiaco Food Festival
Margaret River Chocolate Company
Christmas Dinner

Subiaco Food Festival

A Japanese food store

Different cuisines on one street

A crazy-ass ice cream van

Outside the ol' Subi Markets

A long street full of stands plus a random lady

Deep fried potato swirl

Delicious pizzas

Some Moroccan dish I don't remember but was delish

The interior of a crepe store

Savoury ham crepe

Chocolate crepe that deserves two uploaded photos

Margaret River Chocolate Company
(Swan Valley Store)

A bunch of random chocolates that cost a lot

More ice cream

Christmas gifts at the ready

Fondue kit anyone?

The dessert section

The lunch (?) section

More chocolates

Christmas chocolates

Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Ham plus some side dishes
Haha, only one of the Christmas dinner before everything was consumed. Well, there's still ham since only eight people were there but still. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed those photos and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~! I'll be back later in January to blog about my lovely holiday but for now, goodbye :D