Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"She's My Lady."

I've been playing on Photoshop again~!

So today, I decided to test out a few brushes on Photoshop and I found one that was like a pencil texture. Then I decided to draw Kai dancing. Long story short, I was watching a rotoscope of one of Kai's debut teasers and dayum I was in awe. Got inspired, decided to try out rotoscoping the first of Kai's teasers when I have the time. This was more of a practice of the style I'm going to be doing. 

On the side note, I think today was the best day of the whole school term! My EXO posters arrived, I got to eat sushi in my Japanese class, and this guy on Deviantart called Ry-Spirit (superb artist)  accepted my friend request on Skype and he started talking to me and I'm starting to fangirl so I'll stop there. Oh man, I hope another day like this is going to come by soon. 

That's about it! Don't forget to visit my sites ;) While I've been away doing all sorts of stuff, I created a couple more sites so don't forget to check that out too.

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Thanks guys <3