Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Long-awaited Comeback.


Let me just say that I almost gave up in waiting for EXO's comeback, especially since SM Entertainment continued to delay their comeback date and the rumours that went around (if you were on tumblr a lot or you're on of those EXOtics who searched around for news about EXO), but it's finally here.

So here's the teaser pictures~!

School themed photos are the best <3 I really loved the way Luhan had his hair styled in the second image. It makes him look so mature! Then there's Xiumin's middle parting...not my favourite but still looks alright.

I'm pretty sure their comeback's called 'Kiss & Hug' or rather has something to do with that (hence the XOXO stuff at the top of both pictures) which I think is quite cute but I would've preferred something a little more...masculine. If it turned out to be something full of cuteness and aegyo I'd cringe. It's too hard to imagine someone like Kris doing aegyo even if he did do it last year at a performance in the USA.

And I just found another picture that came out.

If you didn't notice, the shirts and caps all say 'Wolf' which was the title one of the songs that got leaked on the inter-ma-web sometime ago. I hope that song's not on the album because it was such a disappointment when I listened to it. EXO needs a song that showcases their talent and I felt like that song didn't do it for me. Neither did the other song ('365') that got leaked.

Well, I just hope the songs on this album would be even better than the one on the 'MAMA' album-and those songs were pretty damn good.