Thursday, 23 May 2013

Official EXO Teasers Released


Gull, I can't explain what I feel. Seriously though. Everyone looks so beautiful :') Minus Kai and his hair...Luhan looked, well, interesting. I loved the use of heavy guyliner in the teaser. It's just. Amazing.

Anyway, I'll update again when more teasers appear or when the MV is uploaded ;)


New teaser came out today~! OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING.

First one's the Korean version, the second one is obviously the Chinese version. THIS IS STARTING TO BECOME TOO MUCH FOR ME. Kai and his "kiss scene"? I was expecting a peck on the lips, in all honesty. I'll try not to spazz out too much now.

On the other hand, too many things are being leaked and it's annoying me. First the demo version of Wolf and 365, then a few scenes from the filming of the MV, now a FULL practice version of Wolf (probably still roaming around the internet if you keep searching) and the ENTIRE ALBUM.

I understand that some fans are beginning to get impatient, but the MV's coming out on Thursday 5pm KST. No need to spoil everything. Plus if the album is available for download online before it's release, well, EXO won't be selling as many albums. The profit that EXO makes has to be divided not only among the members, but the producers and other people as well. So support EXO and other groups! :D

Lol anyway I'll be back when the MV comes out~