Friday, 25 January 2013

LED Apple's Hanbyul-Talking to the Moon Cover

I thought I'd share this with you guys. If you don't know who LED Apple is, please look up some of their music because they are one of those really underrated groups. Seriously. Also, if you're Australian you should be proud. Jang Hanbyul (Jason) is from Brisbane, Queensland!!! AUSSIE PRIDE RIGHT THERE. Sorry.

Anyway, recently LED Apple has been covering a lot of different songs. They have covered 'Run Devil Run' and Mr. Taxi' by Girls' Generation (SNSD) but LED Apple has put a "rock"twist to it since they're a band that plays instruments-like CN Blue and FT Island. Just this week, LED Apple's official Youtube account posted a video of Hanbyul covering a Bruno Mars song.

Now, I started listening to LED Apple just because of Hanbyul. Not only because he was Australian, but because of his gorgeous voice. His strong vocals are incredible and this song really suited his voice. When I first heard this cover, I couldn't help but notice that at some parts of the song Hanbyul really sounded like Bruno Mars. I'll stop the fangirling there.

If you didn't listen until the very end of the video, Hanbyul mentioned that they'll be realising a cover on Youtube once every week. Next week's video will be a cover of Big Bang's 'Love Song' so go listen to it when it's realised! And subscribe to their official Youtube channel if you want to be kept up-to-date with not only their covers, but their new songs as well. Man, I sound like I'm promoting LED Apple...but please support them. These guys are truly talented.

Alright guys, I hope I've converted you to a LEDA (LED Apple's fandom) :D Enjoy your weekend, and happy Australia Day to all you Aussies who read my blog! 여러분 사랑해요~ ♡