Wednesday, 21 November 2012

K-POP Merchandise SCAM.

Because Christmas was coming I decided to get some U-KISS albums and start a collection. My friend then gave me a link to a signed U-KISS Stop Girl album on eBay. I know a lot of you would use eBay to get your merch and a lot of you probably avoid eBay for different reasons. Anyway, thank gosh I didn't buy it (my friend wasn't so lucky) because turns out it was a scam :O

The eBay username is "entertainment_s". The seller rating might be high but the signed albums are FAKE. I'm pretty sure they're forging the signatures themselves...have a look and compare the signatures.
Eli Kim's 'signature' on an album for sale-2012
What it's really meant to look like-2010

U-KISS Signed poloroid-2011
SEE? The album came AFTER the poloroid and the signature's different :P Thank you Eli for changing your signature. 

If you still don't believe me, look how many 'signed' items they have. Is it really possible to have that many signed items for $30 each? If it were me, I would at a much higher price...

So please, before you buy something from eBay, or any other online store, check it's legitimacy. Don't just look at the seller ratings. Research their name on Google or something, I don't know. It may seem strange for me to worry but I don't like scammers. If you have an eBay account, report them.


Thanks for reading~! If you want to know the username again it's "entertainment_s"