Sunday, 25 November 2012

K-POP Idols and Their Multi-coloured Hair

I'm sure many of you K-POP fans wonder why the idols change their hair colour so much. Even if I don't know the answer to that, I can tell you a whole lot of other stuff relating to hair dyes and colouring your hair.

Let me just say, dying your hair in the K-POP world is like changing your clothes for most idols. A lot of them change the colour frequently, whether it be a similar colour or something completely different. These are just some of the main colours that the idols dye their hair to.

Here's a colour you can't really go wrong with.

Seohyun from Girls' Generation
Seohyun's practically had different shades of brown during her whole entire career (minus her natural hair colour). Never blonde, just brown.

Seungri from Big Bang
Seungri's also one of the idols that hardly dyes their hair a really light colour. He did a few times but most of the time it was a dark brown or black.

Brown's a really common colour to dye your hair. Even I dyed my hair brown a couple of times. I suppose it's the "safe" colour. If you don't want an "extreme" colour, brown's the right way to go :3

Anyway, the colour that's extremely popular now is...

G-Dragon from Big Bang
I think G-Dragon has bleached his hair 2 times during comebacks...I THINK. During his first solo and second solo. I really loved the first time he bleached it like in the picture shown above. So pretty :3

Jessica from Girls' Generation
This is a more natural looking blonde. I think this colour suits Jessica really well; not many people suit this type of blonde hair.

Warning for those wanting to bleach their hair: IT WILL MURDER YOUR HAIR COMPLETELY. The bleach takes pretty much all the colour from your hair (knowing that, I still want to try bleaching my hair). I don't even know how the idols manage to make their hair look so fresh and healthy after bleaching it.

I think the colour(s) that's increasing in popularity with K-POP idols are:

Jia from Miss A
To me, it looks like Jia bleached her hair before dying it pink. Maybe not immediately, but at some stage. Either that or the pink had bleach in it already...

T.O.P from Big Bang
I just realised that all the male 'models' in this post are all from Big Bang O_O Anyway...T.O.P looks so cool with blue hair :') 

Strange and bright colours are starting to become a trend in the K-POP world. Quite a few idols have dyed their hair extreme colours (including bright red). I think that's a good thing, to be honest. I guess it's all about being different and standing out ^^

That's all the colours I got in my head at the moment. I didn't include black because, well, it's an Asian's natural colour (technically it's a really dark brown, not black but meh). Someone who had "black" hair for most of his career is Dongho from U-KISS. With his bowl cut and most-of-the-time natural coloured hair, it's hard not to recognise him in pictures and photographs (pfft. I lie. Probably a billion people look like that).

Anyway here's some advice for all those first timers at dyeing hair (mainly DIY dyers) ^^ 

  • If you don't want your hair to die completely, I recommend NOT using dyes with bleach in them. Although, that's the best way to get a light colour unless you have naturally light-coloured hair. 
  • Read the instructions properly if you're purchasing DIY hair dyes. Make sure to do the allergy test according to the instructions as well. You never know, you could have a really bad allergic reaction to the dye. 
  • If you are Asian (I am not being racist. It's just that Asians find it hard to find a good hair dye because of the colour) I recommend using Japanese hair dyes such as Palty or Liese. It's suited for dark-haired people and the colour comes out really great :D It won't come out exactly like the sample on the box (depending on the hair colour) but it comes out better than Loreal or something.
  • I recommend applying some cream (I use petroleum jelly) around the areas near your hair like your ears, top of the forehead and behind your neck, just so the dye doesn't stain your skin.
  • If you have long hair I suggest you get it done professionally. The dye that you buy in shops might not be enough to cover your entire head if you're going to dye all your hair. You don't have to, just a suggestion :)
There's all the advice I can give. Not much but I hope it helps you :D If you have any questions about dying hair or hair in general or even just K-POP idols, feel free to ask in the comment section below~!

For now, goodbye <3