Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Overdose [Luhan Edition]

More art to share~ ^___^

So the other day, I found a screencap of Luhan from the beginning scene in the 'Overdose' teaser and well, I decided to draw it because he just looked so damn fine.

The early stages of the painting
 Looking nice with that moustache Luhan ;) HAHA When I was painting his eyes and eyebrows, I felt like I was actually putting makeup on him. I also had that sudden realisation that Luhan had better makeup than I did and that's really sad, considering I'm a female.

Final product (with strange colour alterations)
I have no idea why, but the final product's colours are slightly off even though the actual file isn't like this so if you want to see a more accurate colouring of this head over to my DeviantArt page and if you enjoy my art, please be sure to spread the love; it'll mean so much if you did :)

So yeah! I've also done a couple more drawings that I haven't uploaded, mostly because I'm not satisfied with it but if you're interested to see let me know and I'll consider uploading it ^__^ That's it for now, thank you for all of your support if you've been following my blog (or at least reading this junk) and I hope you'll continue to do so.

Program used: Paint Tool Sai
Equipment: Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet, an old Windows computer
Reference picture: EXO's Overdose Music Video Teaser (Chinese Ver.)