Monday, 7 October 2013

SHINee's Comeback [Everybody] + Kim Jonghyun Fanart

WHOOO SHINEE'S COMEBACK IS SOON. I forgot which date though...well. I guess I'm not as excited since they already came back with 'Dream Girl' and 'Why So Serious' so I'm not particularly screaming with joy. Plus, the teaser pictures weren't exactly the most attractive in my opinion. I mean, look at those hats .__.

But I have to admit, they all looked stunning in the pilot uniforms. Minus Minho. His outfit looked like dress. 

Anyway, to commemorate SHINee's upcoming release I drew a picture of Jonghyun ^^ It's a little different from my usual style but I've done it before (like, last year?) and well, I'm really proud of it!

It looks like the actual picture with a funny outline :') I decided to keep the outline, just because I did it last time and I thought it'd look really 'sketchy'. The creases came out really well and I'm really proud of what I've done. In total, it took me less than a day but I spanned it out over two days. Oh man, last night I spent up to 1.30am just to get this finished >__<

I also put together the different individual layers so you know that I actually painted it LOL.

So the left is the reference picture which I turned to black and white (the very original one was coloured). Middle is obviously the outline layer where I traced the reference picture (call it cheating but I wanted to get the exact shape and whatnot). And lastly, the painting layer! The colours aren't as bold as the original but oh well. Couldn't be bothered fixing it.

And there we have it ^^ I'm wondering what black and white painting I should do next so if you have a suggestion or a nice picture then pop the link in the comments and I'll check it out :) Alrighty, I hope this makes up for both the lack of art and lack of posts lately!