Thursday, 6 June 2013

"I'm Not a Dragon Anymore, I'm a Wolf."-Kris Wu

Ohoho I'm back with more drawings! So it's been a while since I've completed something and since there was a long weekend I decided to take this time to draw.

I don't know why, but I drew two pictures; both being the wonderful Kris. Gosh, I spent all my time on tumblr (I got tumblr now~ link below) looking at EXO and U-KISS pictures that I got so distracted. I found an amazing amount of EXO gifs from the 'Wolf' MV so I decided to draw that. Then I found an amazing picture of Kris at an airport. DAYUM HE LOOKS SO SMEXY.

So yeah. Here you go.

My goodness. I swear my Chinese writing is getting worse. I think the last time I tried writing Chinese was two years ago...amazing. BUT! I tried my best since it was for a drawing and since I wanted to make Ben Ben proud ;) (That name's never going to get old in my books)

For the second picture, I took more effort but it came out looking a little worse than the first one. First on was just a sketch so nothing exciting about that. Second picture wasn't so much realistic but more "anime-fied" (obviously). I spent so much time trying to clean up the sketch lines it ended up looking a little funny when observed at a closer proximity ;__;

Lol anyway, I hope you like it though!

Oh yeah, tumblr URL:

^One day I'm going to look back and facepalm myself for making such a weird username.

One more thing! I forgot to mention that in the album Kris' nickname was Ben Ben no more. It was 'koala'. So much better... =___= <--you guys probably know that already since it was all over tumblr at some stage.