Thursday, 13 December 2012

Requests anyone? (and Nickhun Fanart)

Nickhun from 2PM
Bam~! xD This was actually a request from my friend...since it's nearing the end of school I'm going to take in requests (K-POP traditional art only). So if you want to request something you have to:


  • Request through e-mail- This way I can e-mail you back when I finish your request)
  • Request through comment- I won't be able to tell you whether I'm done unless you have a Blogger's account
  • Request through Blogger's account- I'm pretty sure you can send me a message somehow... lol
  • Request through Twitter or DeviantArt- Just tweet me your request on Twitter and post on my profile wall thing or send me a message on DA
I'm pretty sure that's all the ways you can try to request something. I have too many accounts. Oh if you're requesting by comment, please don't stay anonymous. I want to let you know that I've drawn something for you, not for someone else who requested the same person :)

So yeah, feel free to request something~! It might be delayed but I'll get it done eventually...

Twitter: twitter/ukissmecrazy
E-mail: [No spam please]

Bye for now \o/