Sunday, 23 December 2012

EXO-M Kris' Drawings

Lol just joking. I collected all the pictures I could find of his drawings and decided to put them together in one post )/º▽º)/
His child, Ace
The Chinese in the drawing of the alpaca roughly states the following (not completely accurate because I can't really speak Chinese even though I'm of Chinese decent):

Name: Ace
Type: Alpaca
Birthday: 6th of November <- That's Kris' birthday~
Father: Kris 

BAHAHAHAHA HIS WRITING'S SO MESSY. And his drawings are so kiddy-like XD BUT IT'S SO ADORABLE. AHHHHHH. The fan who gave Kris the alpaca must be crying with joy :')

Those are the two messages (one written in Chinese and the other in Korean) he wrote, wishing us a Happy New Year~ His writing is messy in all 3 languages he can write in compared to the other members...Lay's and Luhan's were so neat T^T Oh well >_>

Enjoy looking at the duizhang's beautiful artwork ;D

[UPDATE 5/5/13]

BAHAHAHA Just thought I'd share something I found on Facebook with you guys.

Ace isn't in there but you know what is? Kris' latest drawing, a sexy wolf ;D LOL It looks like a pig to me...Compared to D.O's Wolf (which was on either the Kiss or Hug album) this...needs working on.

Who am I kidding? We all know he's terrible at drawing but that's what makes Kris even more adorable :')